Hi, my name is Vesna Gavrilovic.  I love interior design, beautiful homes and I would love to collaborate with you! 
If you have any question or ideas for collaboration, please email me:

Zdravo, moje ime je Vesna Gavrilović. Uživam u dizajnu enterijera, divnim domovima i volela bih da sarađujem sa Vama.
Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanja ili ideja za eventualnu saradnju, molim da me kontaktirate na: vesna.gavrilović

Home Chic Club provides local and online design consultations.
If you have a space that needs a home decor update, or you are uncertain about colors, textile and furniture choices for your home, or you want to add some stylish decor to your home for the season or holidays, please contact us.
To contact us about a potential consultation, please email us and give us a brief description of your design project, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Home Chic Club Vam nudi lokalne ili online dizajn konsultacije.
Ako imate prostor kome je potrebno stilsko osveženje, niste sigurni koje boje, tekstil i nameštaj da izaberete ili želite samo da dodatno ulepšate Vaš dom tokom neke sezone ili praznika, molimo Vas da nas kontaktirate na email sa kratkim opisom Vašeg dizajn projekta, a mi ćemo Vam se javiti u najkraćem mogućem roku.
Thank you!
You can also find me on:
Možete me pronaći i na:

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  1. I just visited your page. I was glad I found inspiration in your ideas.Your home decoration is so beautiful and elegant! I like your style in decoration. I love it. I am a senior who wants to do something at home which is not too hard for me and found out how to decorate soaps with photos,images, etc. Perhaps I can even sell my soaps. I know how to do melt and pour soaps but I needed fresh ideas that are different. That is why I ended up visiting your page. If I ever needed for sure I will contact you. Congratulations you are a very artistic person with good taste. It seems to me that you are from Russia, and no wonder you are so artistic oriented. I Love Russian music and ballet. I am from Colombia South America but I have been in USA for 47 years and still my English is not that good but I still can communicate which is important.

    1. Thank you so much. I`m so glad you like my blog and my style, bust most importantly that my work inspires you! Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for collaboration.
      p.s.BTW, I`m from Serbia, East Europe - Balkan Peninsula (former Yugoslavia).
      Have a great day!