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Hi friends, and welcome back. Today`s post is going to be about Spring changes. This time, change is going to be, not at our home, but on us. 

For me, spring is a time for change, trying new things and rebirth of everything. It is the best moment to embrace the latest trends and upgrade your entire look. I love changes, and like all women first thing I`m considering changing is my hair.  But I must admit I`m always a bit scared when it comes to my hair. I have a pretty long hair, and I don`t color it for a few years now. It`s nice, but it`s a little boring as well. As I said, I like changes, but I don`t want to do something I will regret almost immediately or something that would be difficult and expensive to repair if I change my mind.
Would not it be great if we could try a new hairstyle or color, without going to a hairdresser or apply any permanent treatment to our hair? Of course it would, and it is! That`s why I wanted to introduce you to a brand Best Hair Store!
This is an online shop which will enable us to use fresh, spring hair ideas without haircut and hair coloring. Wonder how`s that possible? Easy, they sell a high-quality human virgin hair extension. As they explain on their site, they sell true virgin hair. Real virgin hair should not undergo ANY chemical processes. All of their hair line including hair weave, fusion hair, and closures are made with 100% real virgin hair without acid bath. 
Also, you will notice that their hair has been marked as RemyWhat does that mean? Our hair naturally grows downward and the cuticle (or layers that makes our hair shaft) are growing in one direction. These layers lay on top of one another and makes it smooth and shiny, otherwise hair would look disastrous (frizz, tangles etc). Their hair extensions are Remy, which is important to keep the hair extensions flowing naturally, looks beautiful and keeps it undamaged. 

So, with that high-quality and healthy hair extensions, in just a short time and without and damage or risk to your hair, you can have whole new look. 

With the great variety of extensions (colors, density or weight) you can make many changes. You can use same color as your natural hair to add volume and length, but if you really want change you can use Balayage hair extensions or Ombre hair extensions for the bigger effect and a whole new hairstyle. You can also use a lighter shade extensions and mix it with your hair to make highlights. Also, if you have a wavy or curly hair, they have a body wave or curly hair extensions to match your hair perfectly.

They also have a few types of attaching hair extensions, like clip in, tape in or micro ring hair extensions, so everybody can find the type that suits their needs. 
Clip-in type hair extensions you are provided the most versatility and ease of installation. 
Tape-in stay flat to the head, have color matched tops so they match your root color, and are versatile in their application.
Micro-ring type or lock type of extension can be quite effective and look natural and it`s great for fine and/or thin hair as it is well hidden.
So what do you think? Have you ever worn hair extensions and what`s your experience? Would love to hear from you! 

This post contains sponsored links fromBest Hair Store.com, but all opinions expressed in the post are solely my own. Blog Home Chic Club, nor the author is not in any way responsible for the occurrence of inaccurate information, or for damage caused by using content or references to certain information from the blog.I have not used the services of this website, so this is just my opinion based on photos and information on the site https://www.besthairstore.com/. To se more, click here.

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  13. Great post :) I used to wear extensions but now I've got my hair very long.

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