A Simple and Neutral Fall Home Tour 2017

Welcome to fall at Home Chic Club!

Every time one of those home tours rolls around, I find it hard to believe that another season is upon us. However, if there is one season I’m happy to make room for, it’s fall. With pumpkins, slightly cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and cozy evenings on the couch (bring on the blankets and warm drinks!), what’s not to love?

If you are new to Home Chic Club (HCC), let me extend a heartfelt welcome! My name is Vesna. Here on HCC I share a little bit of everything. From recipes to home decor, to DIY projects and entertaining tips, my goal is to inspire you with simple, quick, and easy ideas.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, let’s begin the tour. If you have any questions, please leave them in comments, I`ll be happy to answer them. 
Let`s start with a entry. It`s a small, narrow space, so I added just a fresh greenery (this plum tree has a most gorgeous deep burgundy leaves).
I also stacked a blanket and two pumpkins in the small basket and that`s it for this small space.
Next is my living room. It’s probably my favorite space in my home. I really love decorating and tweaking this room each season. I chose to stay with my usual favorites, neutrals, this year. I kept the colors simple and neutral as usual.
Swapping out different throws and pillows is a great way to add some cozy style for the fall season. Knitted trows, flannels, tweed, and even faux furs are great options. I wanted this room to stay simple but cozy.
Across the room is the fireplace decorated with my fabric pumpkins, dried basil and hydrangeas. 
And a close up of my fireplace decorations (these diy fabric pumpkins are so cute, don`t you think?).
Few candles, cute little pumpkin and a pine cone on the coffee table...
Since I have a bar cart in the living room, I made it ready for the season with more diy fabric pumpkins, candles and vine. 
Leading to our dinning room is the antique French buffet. I normally just add seasonal greens to the whites, because I love the lines of the buffet and feel simplicity here is just enough to make it perfect. 
Antique buffet makes perfect backdrop for the white dishes, and a few pumpkins are here to say it`s fall. 
On the table an antique trophy filled with fresh greens works as a centerpiece. I cut some bush stems from my yard that are just starting to turn color! I love fall because I can cut so many things and bring them inside! And fresh fruit is always perfect addition.
Again, I opted for something less traditional in terms of fall colors. I focused on whites and grey.
In the kitchen, I kept things simple. Since I cook here every day, I wanted it to stay free of decorations. 
On the shelf I updated one of my frames with a new print for another personal touch. This is a simple DIY, just to add a fun element to everything. Of course, I had to have a beautiful white mums here. Somehow they always make me smile when I`m entering the kitchen. So nice!
And that, my friends, wraps up another home tour here on HCC! I can’t thank you enough for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing my home and picked up a few ideas for your space.

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Fresh Magnolia Wreath DIY

Fresh Magnolia Wreath/Home Chic Club
Fresh Magnolia Wreath/Home Chic ClubDIY Magnolia Wreath
Hello everyone! Today I`m coming at you with another easy DIY #fall project? Seasonal decor is simple and inexpensive when it's collected from your own (or your neighbors) backyard. When it comes to decorating, I`m a big fan of products from nature. They are fresh and full of life. Wreaths are no exception. I like them fresh, imperfect and a little rustic. Just like nature. There is their beauty and charm. 
So, go outside, take a walk and gather magnolia leaves to create this beautiful and very popular seasonal wreath. It`s great for fall, but also extremely popular for Christmas!
Materials needed:
80-100 fresh magnolia leaves
florist wire
wire cutters
straw wreath form or grapevine wreath
1. Gather & Arrange Leaves
Pull all the good leaves from the branches and sort leaves into three piles by size: small, medium and large.
Collect 3 leaves in a bunch, holding them by the stems. If working with leaves of varying sizes, arrange smaller leaves in front and larger leaves in back or alternate the other way around, like I did . 
2.Wrap Bunches
Cut a piece of florist wire and wrap tightly around stems of leaf bunches to secure. 
3. Tie Bunches to Wreath
Before you start attaching leaves to your wreath form, make a small hanging loop out of a thicker wire and twist it around the top of your wreath form to secure. It is so nice to have this loop when you go to hang your wreath up!!
Now you can start attaching your leaves to the wreath form. Use longer piece of wire to secure each bunch to the wreath. Twist wire tightly at the back of the wreath to hold bunches in place. 
Add remaining bunches, positioning them close together with all stems pointing in the same direction.Step back from the wreath occasionally to make sure it looks full and even. Add more bunches if needed. Continue to tie on bunches until entire wreath is covered, and use as a candle centerpiece or hang as a traditional wreath.
Tip: This fresh magnolia leaf wreath will dry, but it can last about 4-6 weeks. Even when it`s dry, it`s beautiful, but if you don't like the look of the dried leaves, use faux leaves, this way it will last you for years.
And there you have it! Now you can hang it up and take a picture!
PIN this image for future reference!
Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day!
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DIY Toilet Paper Pumpkins

diy toliet paper pumpkin
diy toliet paper pumpkindiy toliet paper pumpkin
diy toliet paper pumpkin
Did you think I`m done with my DIY #fall projects and pumpkins?Well...nope!! 
Here’s another easy way to make pumpkins and decorate your home for the fall. Best thing about this project: it`s made of toilet paper rolls! 
In my previous post I showed you how to make pumpkins out of fabric (you can check it here), but this one is even more easy and fun! Let`s get on with the tutorial.
empty toilet paper rolls
hot glue
scissors/precision knife/ruler
floral wire
something for the stem (I used wooden sticks) 
self adhesive pearls or other embellishment 
Measure and cut your paper rolls with a precision knife. I measured 2 cm wide rings and made a 4 out of one roll. For one pumpkin I used 2 rolls - 8 rings in total. 
diy toliet paper pumpkin
Thread a piece of ribbon or twine inside of rings and try to arrange a shape of pumpkin as best as you can. Then tie a knot to secure it. 
diy toliet paper pumpkin
If needed arrange your rings again and paint your pumpkin (I spray painted mine white). 
For the swirl wrap floral wire on pen, remove and shape as you like. 
After the paint is totally dry, add pearls or other embellishment.With a hot glue attach the stem and the swirl to a pumpkin and you`re finished! 
diy toliet paper pumpkin
diy toliet paper pumpkin
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